Engineered to preserve the best connections
With friends, or family, when electric power should enhance the experience without drawing attention to itself.

And to save the day when the power goes out

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The Genmate 600 is safe to use indoors. It is a fully battery operated generator that produces no emission. It provides an hour of clean electric power strong enough to power small appliances, laptops, multiple phones, and large appliances when paired with a parallel compatible brand.

Driven by discretion

Powered by a 720Wh rechargeable battery the Genmate 600 runs smoothly and with zero emissions.

Designed for simple moments

Atima generators are quiet. Designers wrapped a strong 600W electric engine in soft edges, shallow angles, and neutral colors to be powerful, reliable, and unobstrusive.

With perfect reliability

When the evening mood cannot go dark
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Even powered to double up

ATIMA’s Genmate 600 is one of the few battery generators designed to be paired with another, including Honda’s and Yamaha’s, doubling the electric power available.

Superior design and electronics, precisely assembled

Atima sets high standards for itself: to deliver reliable electricity, quietly, effortlessly, and cleanly.
Atima powers your happy moments. Share the joy of nature with family and friends. Our safe portable energy is at your side when you need us.
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