Atima Parallel Capability
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Parallel capability is an additional benefit of inverter technology. Using a special cable you can link any Atima generator in the familytogether to get as much as double the output. This gives you extra power when you need it, without having to
trade up for a larger, heavier generator. You get more power without sacrificing portability.


Parallel Options

Atima offers several cables as optional accessories. Parallel cables allow the user to obtain the full power of both units, limited by  the capacity of an individual outlet.  Parallel cables are available for all the generators in Atima family.


Benefits of Connecting Two
Generators in Parallel

Frequently Asked Question

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Typically one will not see any damage from simply running their generators in parallel. Atima generators are designed to be paralleled.

The biggest thing you will want to do is ensure that the generators that you have are well suited to work together,

The most obvious reason as to why anyone would not go for the idea to purchase a new larger generator is because they might be in possession of an inverter generator already but then notice it’s giving less power than desired.

For such a reason, the owner would purchase another inverter generator and parallel the two.

Although car batteries are a good way to charge up small appliances, such as phones, if you need a more powerful set up then a portable generator is your best option.

However, if you need more power than one generator can sustain then you can always parallel them.

‘Paralleling two generators’ means that you connect both the generators up together in order to get twice the power as one. It’s a safe and easy way to get more power, wherever you are.

By using this method you can produce a higher amount of Wattage. This is a great option for people using RVs, mobile homes or even on extended camping trips.

Different air conditioners in camper vans consume different watts of power. The difference depends on aspects such as AC BTU rating. BTU is a unit used in Britain to measure thermal energy. Normally, air conditioners have two-watt ratings. These are, watts needed for startup and the watts needed for running the air conditioner. The startup watts are normally higher than the running watts. Therefore, the generator to use for running camper van air conditioner needs to have more watts than the watts needed for startup by the RV.

Load sharing refers to the proportional division of kVAR and kW total load which is between many generator sets of a system in parallel. Load sharing helps avoid stability problems and overloading problems on the generator sets systems. When two generators are operating in parallel, the speed governor of the engine of every generator determines the proportional share of active power required by the system. To achieve kW load sharing, you either decrease or increase fuel to the engine of the system.

More often, one generator is very enough to supply power to run the necessities in your house for some time. However, the current world is in much demand for more power from the technology advancement whereby new appliances that need a lot of power are being innovated each day. Therefore, the inverter generators end up running short of power hence not supplying intended power. This is much experienced when it comes to power things like the AC unit while traveling or even RV. For such power demands, there calls much need to use two generators in parallel.

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The Atima generators are the ideal emergency power supply for home use. Lightweight, portable and reliable, 
they are capable of powering all your essential appliances during power interruptions.