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Offering a remarkable range of models and features, Honda Generators set the standard for portable power. From the jobsite to the campground, the stadium parking lot to the raceway infield, Honda Generators work and play as hard as you do. our generators have earned a hard-won reputation for smooth,quiet operation, and outstanding fuel efficiency. It’s no wonder Honda Generators are prized in the construction and rental trades, and designated as official suppliers to many professional sporting events!

For RVs and Campers

RV Solutions

Ideally suited for Rvs and campers with light weight, quiet and efficient model powered by Yamaha engines. Designed to provide clean untility-grade power for even the most sensitive electronics.

During a Power Outage

Emergency Power

You likely can't afford to lose time or money in a sudden power outage. Atima generator is the perfect piece of equipment to keep the lights on and machinery running. Helps prevent waste by keeping essential household appliances working, saving you money in the long run.

Explore the possibilities

Recreational Power

The ease of use of Atima generators makes them an ideal addition to any outdoor activity. A family camping trip can make use of a portable generator to power a mini-fridge to keep meat and fish fresh or provide some light at nighttime.

Providing power for tools

Power for Tools

Contractors working on a site need to use electrical tools, and a portable power generator is the best and most convenient solution. The portable part of the generator comes in handy in this case because it allows the generator to move over multiple sites with relative ease.

Why US

Why Choose Atima Portable Generators

The Atima generators are the ideal emergency power supply for home use. Lightweight, portable and reliable, 
they are capable of powering all your essential appliances during power interruptions.