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Genuine Yamaha Engine (AY Series)

For decades, Yamaha has produced the best engines in the world, known for high performance and low maintenance requirements over many years of continual heavy use. These engines are the top of the line, and Atima is proud to carry them in our award-winning AY generator Series.


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Parallel Ready

Our outlets are parallel ready, so you can connect with any model in the Atima family to instantly increase your available power. 


High Starting Load & Constant Power Supply

A tool or appliance has a start-up load, meaning the surge of power needed to start up, that is significantly higher than its operating output. Atima inverters go to 2.5x their operating output (the industry average is closer to 1.5 - 2x), which enables them to power a wider variety of electronics than most competitors. AY Series generators don’t ebb or flow- they provide the constant electricity that sensitive electronics need to correctly operate.


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AY Series


Powered by Yamaha’s top-of-the-line engines, our award-winning AY series is perfect for your high-energy needs.

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SD Series

The look, performance, and features of a first-class portable generator at a coach price.


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"This is what I was looking for. One [generator] that could handle the job but do it quietly."

–Francis J. Schirck III, Amazon Customer